Dr. Aniruddha Maiti
Email: write2maiti@gmail.com
Tel: +919836552140

Vitreo Retina Fellowship Aditya Jyot Eye Hosp Mumbai Jul06 – Jun07
Diplomate of National Board National Board of Examinations Feb06- Jan08
Diploma Ophthalmology Regional Institute of ophthalmology ,
Calcutta University May03- Apr05
Anatomy Resident Burdwan University May 02-Apr03
Urosurgery Resident Calcutta Nat Med College &Hosp Oct00- Sept01
Internship Calcutta Nat Med College &Hosp Oct 99-Sept2000
MBBS (Basic medical degree) Calcutta Nat Med College &Hosp Sep 94- Sep99

Current Appointment:
Senior Consultant Netralayam, BB Eye Foundation
AMRI Hospitals, Asia Columbia Hospital
Amulya Jyoti Eye Foundation , Spectra Hospitals
GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute
July 21- till date
Senior Consultant & HOD Retina Department, Susrut Eye Hospital. April 15 – June 21
Senior Consultant Susrut Eye Hospital,Kolkata April08- March 15
Previous Appointments
Senior Resident Aditya Jyot Eye Hosp Mumbai Jul 06-March08
Junior Consultant Susrut Eye Hospital, Kolkata Dec05- Jan 06
Clinical Attachment Birch Hill Hospital,Manchester,UK Sep05 – Nov 05
Clinical Attachment Southend Hospital, London,UK July05-Aug05

Work Experience:
Surgical experience
• Practicing as Vitreo-retinal Consultant since 2008.
• Number of VR surgeries performed during the period exceeds 10000.Academic experience
• Trained many Vitreo retina fellows & post graduate residents (DNB) . Faculty for post graduate students and retina fellowship for last 12 years
• Mentor to more than 100 VR surgeons in India ,Nepal & Bangladesh. Interview got published in Fall & winter edition of Retina Times 2017 ( Official journal of American Society of Retina Specialists ) for India’s Vitreo Retinal Development Project ( Providing Advanced Training to Retina Surgeons )
• Thesis guide for post graduate students.
• Reviewer of American Journal of Ophthalmology Research experience & Audits Dr Aniruddha Maiti
• Collaborative work on Artificial Intelligence on Computer vision approach for DR Screening with IIT Kharagpur
• Collaborative work on Metabolic Profiling By FT-IR Spectroscopy as a prognostic tool for early detection in DR with IIT Kharagpur
• Collaborative work on AGE ( Advanced Glycation Endproduct) , Glycation gap and HBA1c
– Prognostic Factors for Diabetic Retinopathy with Science college , Calcutta University
• Collaborative work on Estimation of Oxidative stress level in CSR with Science college , Calcutta University
• Drug trials conducted as Principal Investigator – Safety & Efficacy of Bio similar molecules in the treatment of Wet AMD
• Conducted many clinical audits on ophthalmic referrals , Retinal detachment surgery success rate & macular hole closure rates

Organizing experience
• As PG Education chairman & Scientific Committee Chairman of the state ( West Bengal) – conducted more than 100 academic meetings for last 10 years .
• Associate Editor of Bengal Journal of Ophthalmology for 2 years
• Presently member of Editorial board in DOS Times
• Organised All India PG Education Program East Zone in 2015 & 2019
• Organized state annual conference (2017) as organizing secretary and All India Ophthalmological
Society Annual conference (2016)as Additional Organizing Secretary
• Presently working as Joint Secretary of Ophthalmological Society of West Bengal ( OSWB)


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Digital publication :

1. 3D viewing system in Ophthalmology -June,2021 (EOPHTHA Website)

Presentations: ( Major)
1. Presented Role of MfERG in RP (LVPEI & ISCEV Symposium) Visual Diagnostic Symposium,2021
2. Invited faculty for Debate – Why I still do PRP in PDR. DOS,2021
3. Indian experience on Brolizumab. AIOS (International Conclave 2021,DOS,2021
4. Presented VR Surgery Complications in Jail breakers session. VRSI,2021
5. Invited faculty for International Webinar on PDR Management October,2021
6. Role of OCT in VR Surgical decision making ( webinar ) PDTV,2021
7. Instruction Course in Code Red,Longest OR day. AIOS,2020,New Delhi
8. Symposium on PDR & Retinaws AIOS,2020,New Delhi
9. Instruction Course on Complex PDR. ASRS,2019,Chicago
10. Instruction Course on Code Red in VR Surgeries ASRS,2019,Chicago
11. Surgical Video presentation on complications in VR Surgeries ASRS 2019,Chicago
12. Instruction Course on Code Red in VR Surgeries ASRS 2018, Vancouver
13. Panel Discussion speaker on Iris fixating lens ASRS 2018, Vancouver
14. Surgical video presentation on Complicated RD Management ASRS 2018, Vancouver
15. Debate on Steroid Vs Anti VEGF in DME DME conclave ,2018, Hyderabad
Dr Aniruddha Maiti
& Pune Eyecon 2018
16. Instruction Course on Code Red in VR Surgeries ASRS 2017, Boston
17. Poster presentation on Metabolic Profiling By FT-IR Spectroscopy As A Prognostic Tool For Early Detection in Diabetic Retinopathy ASRS 2017, Boston 18. Poster presentation on New Insights For Diabetic Retinopathy in Terms of Physiological Stress and Inflammatory Biomarkers” ASRS 2017, Boston
20. Invited speaker for the session “Challenge the Master “ – Video on Opticdisc pit with CSR ASRS 2016 ,San Francisco
21. Poster presentation on AGE ( Advanced Glycation Endproduct) ,Glycation Gap and HBA1c – Prognostic Factors for Diabetic Retinopathy ASRS 2015,Viena, Austria
22. Poster presentation on Computer vision approach for DR Screening ASRS 2015,Viena, Austria
23. Paper on Computer vision approach for DR Screening AIOS 2015, Delhi
24. Instruction Course on Code Red in VR surgeries AIOS 2015, Delhi
25. Instruction Course on TASS/Endophthalmitis AIOS ,Agra,2014
26. Most sensitive prognostic factor in treatment – AGE,Glycation Gap or HBA1c? OSWB,KAO 2013
27. Computer vision approach for DR Screening-Paper VRSI,2013& OSWB 2013
28. Prognostic factors in DR Imaging AMD congress,Bangalore
29. Experience of Dexamethasone implant in RVO Vietnam ,2013
30. Estimation of Oxidative stress level in CSR ..Paper Euretina,Hamburg,2013
31. Instruction Course on DME (Clinical studies translated into Clinical practice )- AIOS,Hyderabad,2013
32. Estimation of Oxidative stress level in CSR ..Poster VRSI,Guwahati
33. Estimation of Oxidative stress level in CSR ..Paper OSWB Kolkata,2012
34. Estimation of Oxidative stress level in CSR ..Poster AAO,New Orleans,2013
35. Comparison between response of dexamethasone intravitreal implant in primary with secondary cases of macular edema following retinal vascular disorder paper EURETINA,Milan,2012
36. Treatment Dilemma in RAP Indian AMD and Retina Congress,Hyderabad,2011
37. Electrophysiological Tests in Neuro-ophthalmology, CME,OSWB Kolkata,2011
38. Ozurdex Clinical experience CME,Kolkata,2011
39. Choroidal haemgioma- What next? WB VRSI,Kolkata,2011
40. Prevalence & natural history of clinical asymptomatic RD in myopic population EURETINA,London,2011
41. Ketoconazole in Chronic CSR, Poster EURETINA,London,2011
42. Intruction course (update) on Ophthalmic Sterilization in AIOS,2010 Kolkata,2010
43. Low-Fluence PDT and Ranibizumab in IPCV,Poster VRSI,Palampur,2009
44. Low-Fluence PDT and Ranibizumab in IPCV,Paper OSWB Annual Kolkata,2009
45. Ketoconazole in Chronic CSR, Paper OSWB Annual Kolkata,2009
46. Instruction Course on Indirect Ophthalmoscope OSWB Annual Kolkata,2009
Dr Aniruddha Maiti
47. Principal component analysis in RP-Paper ISCEV W.Virginia,2008

48. Intravitreal anti-VEGF agents in the management of Coats’ disease in childhood,paper Euretina Vienna,2008
49. Combined phaco, scleral buckling with 23G vitrectomy using fibrin glue: Is the sutureless dream finally achieved? Paper EuretinaVienna,2008
50. Instruction Course on OCT OSWB Annual Conf,2008

51. Principal component analysis in RP-Poster AAO New Orleans,2007
52. Complications of Anti-VEGF -scientific poster Retina Society Boston,2007

53. Racial difference in Multifocal responses scientific poster ASRS,California,2007
54. Comparison of Amsler Grid with Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter for the early detection ARMD paper and poster AIOS,Hyderabad,2007
55. Multifocal ERG and Retinal Prosthesis presented in Artificial Retina and Bio-Engineering Session AIOS,Hyderabad,2007
56. Eye donation awareness among medical students- free paper AIOS,Bhopal,2006
57. Vision Related Quality Of life & Psychometric evaluation of rural glaucomatous population paper and poster OSWB Annual,2006
APAO Singapore ,2006
58. Combination therapy – PDT and IVTA AMD Congress Mumbai,2006 Written chapters on Lasers in posterior Segment ,Paediatric Retinal Disorders (Jaypee Brothers) & Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor: Inhibitors in ARMD(Jaypee Brothers) & Co-authored the book on Diabetic Macular Edema: Evidence to Real World (Springer Nature Publisher) Conducted more than 100 Webinars in Vitreo Retinal Surgeries & decision making in Medical Retina

Study of pattern of Multifocal ERG in Retinitis Pigmentosa- A guide for Retinal Implants – submitted to National Board of Examinations (DNB), June, 2007

Awards and Distinctions:

1. International Ophthalmic Heroes of India Award , AIOS ,2020
2. Senior Honor Award from American Society of retina Specialists,2019
3. International Ophthalmic Heroes of India Award , AIOS ,2019
4. Honor Award from American Society of retina Specialists,2018 Dr Aniruddha Maiti
5. Dr Anadi Basu Memorial Award for Best poster, OSWB Annual Conference ,2018
6. AIOS –APOS Vengala Rao Award for Best paper in Comprehensive Ophthalmology, AIOS 2015
7. Dr B K Mitra Award for best paper in OSWB Annual Conference,2013
8. AIOS- IJO – Gold award 2012(best publication in Indian Journal of Ophthalmology)
9. Dr K P Roy Award for best paper in OSWB Annual Conference,2012
10. Young Reasearcher’s Award AIOS,2010
11. International Travel Fellowship from ISCEV,2008
12. Runner’s up in All India ophthalmology quiz in AIOS,2008
13. Birla Smarak Kosh – Research Fellowship ,2007
14. Recipient: Gold medal for 1st in DO(finals) – Calcutta University-2005
15. Second Prize in ophthalmology quiz in OSWB (Ophthalmological Society of West Bengal)- Annual conference 2004
16. Received National Scholarship Award at school level Additional Exams cleared : TOEFL,IELTS,PLAB,MRCOphth -1,FICO,MRCSEd,FACS Special Interests : Macular Surgeries & Electro Diagnostics

Extracurricular activities:
I love trekking and occasionally go with friends in my leisure time. Most memorable expeditions till date are Kedarkanth trek in 2018 & Daraya Bugyal in 2021. Both were moderate to difficult treks in the Himalayas.